A Rich History.

There has been a chip shop on Topping Street since at least 1924. Records show that a Mr William Taylor was working the business as a fried fish supplier back then.

By the 1950’s the chip shop had changed to Whittakers. 30 years on and the chip shop changed its name once again to Yorkshire Fisheries as this was where the new owners- Robert and Hilda Taylor originated. The shop maintains this name to this day.

In 1989, the shop was bought by George and Val Vasiliou and kept the reputation as the best chippy in town. When they decided to retire in 2005, George’s niece and husband took over the reins, wanting very much to keep the quality and standard just the same. To this day, the current owners strive to serve the best fish and chips in this area.

Yorkshire Fisheries is frequented by both the local residents and tourists. Many customers – now grown- have been coming to the shop since they were children and are now bringing their children and grandchildren with them.

One of the regulars who is now 89 years old remembers coming in 1935 with his granddad. They would sit on wooden forms to eat their fish and chips and he would watch the potatoes being delivered by horse and cart.

Another lady always remembers coming in after watching the fight at The Winter Gardens. She would come in at about 9.30pm for fish and chips.

The reason everyone gives for returning to Yorkshire Fisheries is that the quality, standard and taste has always remained the same.